Susan Amrose

Project Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Susan Amrose is a program director at LIGTT and a Project Scientist and Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. At UC Berkeley, Susan heads the water program at the Gadgil Lab for Energy and Water Research and played a key role in the development of ECAR technology to affordably remove arsenic from drinking water in rural South Asia. She continues to work on the ECAR scale-up effort in West Bengal, India and manages ongoing projects in fluoride and brackish water treatment in East Africa and North India. Susan is co-founder and CSO at SimpleWater working to commercialize ECAR technology for small water systems in rural US communities.

Outside of water, Susan currently heads a Berkeley research group developing roofing materials from packaging waste to replace low quality metal roofing in urban slum communities in India. She previously worked on the development of the Berkeley Darfur Stove, a fuel efficient cookstove for Sudan, and has been heavily involved in the Prison University Project at San Quentin Prison. Prior to her involvement in development engineering, Susan worked on the Nuclear Compton Telescope researching gamma ray emission from supernovae and helped develop an automatic system to identify and analyze variable stars with the ROTSE project.